My new book on mentoring: “Mentorship. What does a mentoring relationship matter?”


Dear all,

What is mentoring? Which is the difference between mentoring and coaching? Who is the right mentor for me? Is it useful for companies to reach their targets? Could it improve employability and personal development of people with an MBA degree? These and other questions are discussed in my book, “Mentorship. What does a mentoring relationship matter?”, with Mr Claudio Ceper and Mr Maurizio Bottari, expert headhunters and mentors, Mr Domenico Fama’, senior Hr Manager with deep experience in multinational companies, Miss Gini Dupasquier mentor

The preface is by Mr Gaetano Bonfissuto expert headhunter.

It’s an ebook available on Smashwords (
(where you can find the version for Kindle and Apple, Sony, PDF, text and other readers), iBook store, Kobo book store, Flipkart, Barnes & Noble, Fnac, Feltrinelli.”

On Smashwords you can find an interview made by the publisher to understand more about me and the book. I hope you will enjoy it.


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