Elon Musk on the Flawed Premise of Tesla and the False Promise of Fuel Cells | Re/code

Tesla’s Chief Executive Elon Musk didn’t break news during an appearance at the World Energy Innovation Forum on Wednesday, but the outspoken serial entrepreneur delivered a few jabs to rival companies, technologies and business models. continue

Fukushima Could Make Japan a Leader In Nuclear Cleanup Tech 

The idea that a nuclear disaster could actually drive innovation is definitely a new way to look at Japan’s ongoing Fukushima debacle. But a new report from the AP does just that, suggesting that the long-term cleanup effort that Japan now faces will make it a world leader in decommissioning nuclear plants.

Solar power was 2nd-largest source of new power in US in 2013… or maybe 1st?

The Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) has released its final 2013 Energy Infrastructure Update for the United States. The new FERC report shows that solar power was the second-largest source of new US power capacity last year. However, FERC’s numbers for solar are actually a gross underestimate of actual solar power additions. I’ll tell you why after first going through FERC’s key findings.

Obama Administration Starts the New Year with More Climate Action

2014 has kicked off with welcome progress in the fight against climate change. On Wednesday, the Obama Administration published limits on carbon pollution from new power plants. This step confirms the President’s National Climate Action plan is on track to deliver real and lasting climate solutions in 2014.