My new book on mentoring: “Mentorship. What does a mentoring relationship matter?”


Dear all,
What is mentoring? Which is the difference between mentoring and coaching? Who is the Right mentor for me? Is it useful for companies to reach their targets? Could it improve employability and personal development of people with an MBA degree? These and other questions are discussed in my book, “Mentorship. What does a mentoring relationship matter?”, with Mr Claudio Ceper and Mr Maurizio Bottari, expert headhunters and mentors, Mr Domenico Fama’, senior Hr Manager with deep experience in multinational companies, Miss Gini Dupasquier mentor

The preface is by Mr Gaetano Bonfissuto expert headhunter.

It’s an ebook available on Smashwords (
) where you can find the version for Kindle and Apple, Sony reader, PDF and text, on iBook store, Kobo book store, Flipkart, Barnes & Noble, Fnac, Feltrinelli, Scribd, Oyster.

I hope you will enjoy it.

Communication Charts Around The World

Language is only the most obvious part of the global communication gap. Different cultures also have distinct approaches to communication during meetings, as described by British linguist Richard D. Lewis, whose best-selling book, “When Cultures Collide,” charts these as well as leadership styles and cultural identities.

How to Succeed Professionally by Helping Others

Kat Cole started helping out early. Raised by a single mother of three who held three jobs to support the family, Cole entered the workforce as soon as it was legal. At 15, she started selling clothes at a mall. At 17, she added a second job at a restaurant—first as a hostess and then as a waitress.

When Ego Is the Enemy 

A growth in confidence in a person who is experiencing success is a very normal human response. Yet there are significant differences in the ways individuals portray confidence that can have a dramatic and lasting effect on their future opportunities — and some folks simply overdo it.

A 10-Point Checklist for Better Team Decisions | 

I’ve made the point before that attaining the ability to scale–reaching what I call Predictable Success–depends on the organization’s leaders developing one skill above all others: the capacity to make, consistently and repeatedly, high-quality team-based decisions.

How To Make Work Matter 

It’s the great challenge of leadership: how to inspire employees to bring their best selves to work and deliver consistent, stellar performance. It is accepted wisdom that happy employees are better performers. While there is much truth to this, it can lead to some common leadership mistakes.

How To Coach Underperforming Employees 

When employees slow down in their work, your business operations will also slow down as well. We can blame that to a lot of factors, like slow sales cycles or non-delivery of important equipment, but one of the most commonly overlooked (as well as the most damaging) could be as simple as a change in marketing strategies or processes.

10 Insights on How Top Marketers Use Twitter – Report 

There is one big advantage Twitter has over Facebook. It’s not filtered.
That is both a blessing and a curse. It means you can see every tweet as it streams past from your followers. But it can be overwhelming.
That is why using lists and #hashtags are vital to glean the gems from the garbage on Twitter.

Why Your CEO Just Doesn’t Get It

Quality leadership or a lack thereof is easy to spot if you know what to look for. The problem is most people don’t know what to look for in a leader, and according to a recent study by Chief Executive magazinemany CEOs don’t seem to know what to look for either.

Are You Cut Out to Be a CEO? [Infographic] 

“Pshh, I could do that job.”

Ever utter that?


… Ever utter it about your CEO?

If you have, this is the infographic for you. While it doesn’t shed light on all of the qualities you need to be a CEO — and might be a better reflection of the CEOs who came up through the ranks in the past couple of decades, rather than the CEOs to come — you might see some qualities you and current CEOs share.

The Key to Making New Year’s Resolutions Stick

This time every year, millions of people across the globe commit themselves to the pursuit of virtuous goals, such as losing weight, being a more understanding boss or partner, obtaining a better education, eating more healthfully, and saving money. But when are such reflection exercises effective? And will your resolutions stick and turn into real changes in your behavior?

A Winning Culture Keeps Score

People often think of corporate culture as “soft” because it involves squishy things like values and expectations. That’s true as far as it goes—but winning cultures have a hard, metrics-driven element as well. A culture that feels upbeat and positive but doesn’t contribute to profitable growth or beating the competition is destined for the dustbin.