The Reasons People Don’t Follow Their Passions, and What You Can Do

Pursuing your passion can mean different things to different people, but no matter your definition, it seems people always have a reason why they can’t do it. If you’re someone who has always wanted to follow your dream but never gained any traction, here are some answers. Continue

10 Tips to Protect Yourself on Social Networks | Robert Siciliano

With the prevalence of mobile devices, more than ever, it’s easy for us to share our lives with the world. And yes, social networks are all about staying in touch with friends and family, and sharing events in your life, but perhaps it’s too easy to share information? continue

A Social Brain Is a Smarter Brain – Andy Zynga – Harvard Business Review

It is well established that brain games and puzzles act as calisthenics for our brains, expanding their capacity and improving their overall health. More surprising are the findings of a study led by researchers at the University of Michigan. It shows that just as effective in building cognitive strength are social interactions. continue

Smartphones: The Silent Killer Of The Web As You Know It

The PC is dying, long live the PC! These headlines have been thrown around for years, as sales of laptops and desktops have continually dwindled downward.

The tablet has long been pinned as the murderer of the traditional computers and it certainly looked like it was going to be the one to do away with them (perhaps in a few years), with the focus of many companies such as Apple and Microsoft shifting towards a tablet-first world. continue

Stephen Hawking Says A.I. Could Be Our ‘Worst Mistake In History’

The world’s most famous physicist is warning about the risks posed by machine superintelligence, saying that it could be the most significant thing to ever happen in human history — and possibly the last. continue

Apple, Facebook, others defy authorities, increasingly notify users of secret data demands after Snowden revelations

Major U.S. technology companies have largely ended the practice of quietly complying with investigators’ demands for e-mail records and other online data, saying that users have a right to know in advance when their information is targeted for government seizure.

How Steve Wozniak Wrote BASIC for the Original Apple From Scratch 

To celebrate the 50th anniversary of BASIC, Steve Wozniak has written some memories about his first experiences with this popular language—and how he created his own BASIC from scratch for the Apple I and Apple II computers. An incredible feat. Enjoy!—JD

40 Steve Jobs Quotes: Freaky, Fun, Inspiring, Rude Words of Wisdom 

Back in the day, people would line up and sleep outside in the cold just to hear Steve Jobs talk, well, about just anything and he rarely disappointed, turning any product into marketing gold. And, Tapscape has the Steve Jobs quotes to prove the point, again and again.

Volontariato, il welfare della crisi 

ROMA – Ci sono le mense classiche, con le file di nuovi poveri italiani che s’ingrossano. E i dormitori, anch’essi classici, un tempo territorio esclusivo dei senzatetto sopratutto stranieri e ora invece sempre più frequentati da intere famiglie che hanno perso la casa.

Datagate, Obama incontra i ceo di Google e Facebook 

Il presidente Usa chiama nello studio Ovale i vertici delle aziende hi-tech su “protezione dati e intelligence”. Tra una settimana la pubblicazione del piano di riforma del monitoraggio dei dati chiesto al segretario alla Giustizia Eric Holder

Richard Ledgett: The NSA responds to Edward Snowden’s TED Talk 

After a surprise appearance by Edward Snowden at TED2014, Chris Anderson said: “If the NSA wants to respond, please do.” And yes, they did. Appearing by video, NSA deputy director Richard Ledgett answers Anderson’s questions about the balance between security and protecting privacy.

9 Albert Einstein Quotes That Are Totally Fake 

As Albert Einstein once said, “Don’t believe every quote you read on the internet, because I totally didn’t say that.”

Today would have been Einstein’s 135th birthday, and to celebrate, we have nine quotes incorrectly attributed to Einstein that you may have seen swirling around the internet lately. They’re all fake.