Great Branding Takes More Than Advertising – Management Tip of the Day – April 29, 2014 – Harvard Business Review 

As digital disrupts more marketplaces, brands become more important and valuable – not less. They provide meaning and satisfy emotional needs. As consumers experience information overload, the tendency to gravitate toward what’s familiar increases.

8 Ways to Write Terrible Online Ads |

In his book Ultimate Guide to Pay-Per-Click Advertising, internet marketing expert Richard Stokes helps you master advanced search engine strategies from top search engine marketers to increase your sales. In this edited excerpt, the author reveals the 8 worst mistakes you can make when creating your pay-per-click ads.

Nude Webcams and Diet Drugs: the Facebook Ads Teens Aren’t Supposed to See – 

“Who do you like?” asked recent ads on Facebook, featuring young women in alluring poses.

Some of the ads were configured to reach young teens, who were invited to join an app called Ilikeq that let others rate their attractiveness, comment on their photos and say if they would like to date them.

The Best (and Worst) of 2014 Sochi Olympics Marketing Strategy

Just mention “Olympic Marketing” to anyone in communications and two images will likely come to mind immediately. The first is the predictable 30 second spot focusing on the dedicated Olympian who wakes up super early, braves crazy cold temperatures and sacrifices a “normal” life for their dream. continue

Telecom firms mine for gold in big data despite privacy concerns

BARCELONA (Reuters) – Last year’s revelations over the U.S. tapping of phone and internet data gave telecoms firms pause for thought over whether they should sell their “big data” for gain, but the commercial potential could prove irresistible.

Facebook’s News Feed Algorithm Change: What It Means For Your Facebook Marketing Strategy

Facebook turned 10 this month! This seems like a birthday worth celebrating as we have all watched Facebook grow from an exclusive college-only social club to a social platform dominating the internet and connecting the entire world through likes, pokes, and shares. 

3 Ways Mobile Advertising Can Be Effective 

Mobile marketing and advertising are at the forefront of most analysts’ predictions for what will be pivotal in 2014, and it’s not a far-fetched proposal. In 2013 there was 75% growth in mobile advertising, according to AdAge Mobile Fact Pack.
No longer is mobile marketing and advertising a peripheral issue for businesses—rather, it’s being seen as an essential component of any marketing strategy.

Infographic: How Facebook changed the advertising world

Bluehost has unveiled an infographic looking at both the changes that Facebook has made in its own advertising structure throughout the years, and what this has meant for advertising as a sector. The infographic looks at the move away from banner

Understanding the ROI of Facebook Ads AND How to Maximize It

Have you messed around with Facebook Ads for a month or so, taken a look at your click-through-rates, conversion rates and ROI and said to yourself, “Pah!”? Well, stop for a second. Facebook Ads don’t suck. Seriously. No, you’re not going to get

Facebook Is Blocking Ads From A Bunch Of Dating Sites Until AFTER Valentine’s Day (FB)

Facebook has temporarily blocked some dating sites from advertising on the site if they are new to the social network, the company tells Business Insider. According to an email from the Facebook ad sales force to a frustrated ad client, the dating

Advertising and the Internet, as Explained by Children

In a rigorous, landmark 2006 study, the American Academy of Pediatrics concluded that children are exposed to 40,000 television ads alone in any given year. The problem with those numbers, aside form how very high they are, is that they have yet

Smartphone concept incorporates LiFi sensor for receiving light-based data

The lights are now dimmed throughout the many halls of CES, and none are more perturbed by darkness than the folks at Oledcomm. Illumination is the company’s specialty, after all; or, more specifically, LiFi technology, which facilitates high-speed data transmission via pulsating light sources (though they appear static to the naked eye).

How to Use Twitter Ads for More Exposure, Leads and Sales

Are you interested in learning more about advertising on Twitter? Have you followed the latest on Twitter ads? Twitter has many paid options to help you gain more exposure. Keep reading to discover three ways to use Twitter ads to grow your bus

Twitter vs. Facebook Ad Showdown: Which Offers the Best Social Media Ad Platform?

In social advertising, where is your money better spent—on Twitter, or on Facebook? Facebook allows for some useful targeting, with a variety of expressed and implied interests available as options for targeting its users, and it has worked hard

Facebook Advertising: Is It Money Your Business Should Spend?

Are you familiar with Facebook’s algorithm called EdgeRank? Do you know EdgeRank was implemented to limit who sees your posts? Meaning that even if you have 2500 loyal brand advocates who have Liked your page, only a tiny fraction of them may see