Stanford Professors Want To Teach You How To Scale Your Business Without Screwing It Up

After eight years of studying best practices for expanding a business, a pair of Stanford professors are scaling up the size of their classroom with their first foray into massive open online courses (MOOC). Continue

How the Internet of Things Changes Business Models

As the Internet of Things (IoT) spreads, the implications for business model innovation are huge. Filling out well-known frameworks and streamlining established business models won’t be enough. Continue

Take This Final Exam to See If You Are Ready to Launch Your Startup

I teach entrepreneurship in the College of Engineering at Villanova University. We make the entrepreneurial learning experience as real life as possible but, at the end of each semester, the “real world” illusion ends with a final exam. continue

User experience is the new differentiator. How will that affect the internet? — Tech News and Analysis 

The world of business is changing, as are the locations of the people who are driving that business. How companies reach new users and how they treat them once they do will be the defining business issue of the future. Those who deliver the best user experience to a global audience will win this race will change the internet as we know it.

3D printing: 10 companies using it in ground-breaking ways 

From the big whig corporations down to the smallest startups, there are plenty of companies utilizing 3D printers to create new products, improve old ones, and better their business processes. As the technology becomes more accepted in the enterprise, it will quickly become more mainstream.

Communication Charts Around The World

Language is only the most obvious part of the global communication gap. Different cultures also have distinct approaches to communication during meetings, as described by British linguist Richard D. Lewis, whose best-selling book, “When Cultures Collide,” charts these as well as leadership styles and cultural identities.

Understanding Entrepreneurs – The complete idiot’s guide 

“Entrepreneur” is of one the most searched keywords on internet, and many people want to have a good understanding about Entrepreneur—the understanding that helps them figure out if they have the entrepreneurship quality in them or makes them realize what it takes to be an entrepreneur.

The Power of Thinking Big, But Starting Small 

How did Google manage to come out of nowhere? And how did it grow to reach $58 billion in annual revenues in 2013 — all in under two decades?
There are many explanations for the company’s phenomenal growth. But one technique small businesses can learn from is the ability to think big, yet take small steps. Here’s how it works.

3 Ways to Grow Your Business By Focusing on the Customer 

Every business in this generation is being hit with a variety of challenges. It would be easy to just roll over and sink. Sadly many companies are even getting to the point where simply surviving has become their daily mode of operation.

Entrepreneurship is Not Pretty. Are You Ready to Take the Plunge? 

Entrepreneurship is pretty darn tough.

Quitting your job to start a venture is like abandoning a sailing ship in the middle of the ocean looking for adventure, seeking an island sailing on a dinghy. It looks fascinating and adventurous, but not everyone’s cup of tea to face storms, possible capsizing and navigating through shark-infested waters.

Which Social Media Platform Is Right For Your Business? (Infographic) 

Utilizing social media in our marketing strategies is compulsory – but do you know which platform is best for your company?
With options ranging from Twitter and Facebook to Pinterest and Instagram, determining the appropriate social media platform can be an overwhelming experience. However, this unique infographic by the media solutions company Leverage compares the differences between Pinterest, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram and Google+. In turn, this can help guide your social media decision-making.

Verizon completes buyout of Vodafone’s stake in its cellphone business

After 14 years of partnership, Verizon now has full control over its cellphone business. The telecom giant has officially completed its buyout of Vodafone’s 45 percent stake in Verizon Wireless, giving it both more independence and leaner operations.

Why cybersecurity is a strategic issue – Bain Brief – Bain & Company – Publications 

When you think of the billions of dollars organizations spend to protect their digital assets, it’s amazing that hardly a week goes by without news of a major security breach.

98% of all top brands are active on Twitter

With over 500 million Tweets per day, Twitter is ripe for evergreen engagement opportunities ranging from the most basic levels of customer service to brand-altering moments that can change an organization’s future with a single tweet.