India: The Elephant in the Room for Mobile Developers? 

If you were to launch a mobile app or game today, what markets would you go after? Common sense would say US, Japan, China, UK, South Korea, Germany, Taiwan and Australia as these are the countries at the top of revenue charts for mobile developers. However, going by this list leaves out the elephant in the room: India.

Global stocks mostly lower as China jitters linger – Yahoo News 

BEIJING (AP) — Global stocks were mostly lower Tuesday amid jitters about China’s housing market and weakness in the country’s currency.

China’s Shanghai Composite Index dropped 2.1 percent to 2,034.62. Hong Kong’s Hang Seng shed 0.3 percent to 22,317.81. Singapore and Sydney also declined. Tokyo’s Nikkei 225 index gained 1.4 percent to 15,051.60,.

Apple Inc. Bets Big on Brazil (AAPL) M

As we saw in 2013, tech giant Apple (NASDAQ: AAPL ) appears to be fighting a losing battle to keep up with the torrent growth of the overall smartphone market.

Indeed, Apple already dominates many developed markets like the United States, which are speeding toward saturation. This has forced Apple to double down on emerging countries like China to sell its iProducts in ever-greater numbers.

Why Coke Should Buy Red Bull And Future Cola 

I don’t know whether Red Bull or Future Cola are for sale. And I have no information concerning whether or not Coca-Cola KO -0.32% is interested in buying Red Bull or Future Cola either.

But in a diverse world market environment where scale and scope are the drivers of corporate growth and profitability, you either buy your competitors or they buy you.

The Nuclear Option: Inside The SEC’s Clash With China Auditors

On January 22, SEC Administrative Law Judge Cameron Elliot ordered that the China units of the global “Big Four” accounting firms should be suspended from auditing U.S.-listed companies for 6 months. 

Chinese Consumers: Doing It Their Way 

In the heart of old Shanghai is a magnificent villa that serves as the workplace of Guo Jingming, a provocative young film-maker. “Tiny Times”, his recent blockbuster, follows the travails of some fashionable college girls (pictured, in the

The Sum Of All Risks: Why China Is Heading For A Greek Style Crisis On A Grand Scale

As the world’s business and political leaders gather in Davos-Klosters, Switzerland for the 44th annual World Economic Forum this week, one question will probably come up officially or unofficially:Is the global economy going to face another Greek

2014 Could Be the Year of China

2014 Could Be the Year of China
2014 is the year of the horse in China. But for the rest of us, it might prove to be the year of China. The country faces a historic turning point: either it will revamp its economic system, deal with some of its growing environmental and social

China’s local debt jumps to $3 trillion–a 67% surge in nearly 3 years.

BEIJING—Chinese President Xi Jinping, named on Monday to head the committee overseeing China’s economic overhaul, must quickly figure out how to keep China’s burgeoning local government debt from tanking the world’s second-largest economy

What’s driving China’s deep sea ambitions?

Recently, China’s Jiaolong manned submersible became the world’s deepest-diving state-sponsored research vessel, with four trips to 7,000 meters depth. Around the same time, news broke of plans for a National Deep Sea Center, a $78 million facility that will operate the sea-going fleet and serve as a central base for oceanographic research and technology development.

China Targets Cement, Batteries, Metals in Anti-pollution Push

China will raise standards for the production of cement, batteries, leather and heavy metals as part of its efforts to cut air, water and soil pollution, the environment ministry said on Friday. BEIJING (Reuters) – China will raise standards for