Growth vs. Profit: What Should Rising Startups Focus On First? 

George Deeb is the Managing Partner at Chicago-based Red Rocket Ventures, a startup consulting and financial advisory firm based in Chicago.

This really is not a simple question to answer. There are so many nuances that go into assessing the right answer:

What is going on with the economy?
How liquid is the fundraising climate?
Are you B2B or B2C?
Are you the first mover?
How defensible is your business, with patents, product complexity or otherwise?
What are your competitors doing?

Why Coke Should Buy Red Bull And Future Cola 

I don’t know whether Red Bull or Future Cola are for sale. And I have no information concerning whether or not Coca-Cola KO -0.32% is interested in buying Red Bull or Future Cola either.

But in a diverse world market environment where scale and scope are the drivers of corporate growth and profitability, you either buy your competitors or they buy you.