For those inside and outside of Ukraine and Venezuela, social media is the only media that matters 

The value of social-media networks such as Twitter and Facebook becomes even more obvious during crises like the uprisings and anti-government demonstrations in Ukraine and Venezuela, where both have become a lifeline of real-time information for residents and expatriates alike

Fed issues final rules for foreign banks | Business Standard 

Foreign banks with a major presence on Wall Street will no longer be allowed to avoid many of the tougher rules that the United States introduced after the financial crisis to prevent banking failures and bailouts.

The Sum Of All Risks: Why China Is Heading For A Greek Style Crisis On A Grand Scale

As the world’s business and political leaders gather in Davos-Klosters, Switzerland for the 44th annual World Economic Forum this week, one question will probably come up officially or unofficially:Is the global economy going to face another Greek