Help Your People Develop on the Job 

As much as 90% of learning and development takes place on the job – which makes sense since continuous learning is a key strategy for a sustainable career. In fact, employees’ direct managers are often their most important developers. Help your team members flourish with these tips:

Are You Cut Out to Be a CEO? [Infographic] 

“Pshh, I could do that job.”

Ever utter that?


… Ever utter it about your CEO?

If you have, this is the infographic for you. While it doesn’t shed light on all of the qualities you need to be a CEO — and might be a better reflection of the CEOs who came up through the ranks in the past couple of decades, rather than the CEOs to come — you might see some qualities you and current CEOs share.

What’s driving China’s deep sea ambitions?

Recently, China’s Jiaolong manned submersible became the world’s deepest-diving state-sponsored research vessel, with four trips to 7,000 meters depth. Around the same time, news broke of plans for a National Deep Sea Center, a $78 million facility that will operate the sea-going fleet and serve as a central base for oceanographic research and technology development.

The Key to Making New Year’s Resolutions Stick

This time every year, millions of people across the globe commit themselves to the pursuit of virtuous goals, such as losing weight, being a more understanding boss or partner, obtaining a better education, eating more healthfully, and saving money. But when are such reflection exercises effective? And will your resolutions stick and turn into real changes in your behavior?

Building pathways: How to develop the next generation of transformational school leaders

Education experts across the ideological spectrum agree that we can and must do a far better job of educating our nation’s youth. Too many students leave our public schools unqualified to compete for jobs in an increasingly global workforce. The result is slipping US competitiveness and a perpetuating cycle of poverty.….