A look at Facebook, Google, Amazon and Apple’s high-tech buying spree:

Facebook Inc. is spending $2 billion to get into virtual reality. In the real world, the deal highlights a high-stakes race among the tech industry’s giants for continued dominance over a rapidly changing digital landscape.

U.S. Adults Spend 11 Hours Per Day With Digital Media [CHART] 

Here’s a stat we’ve heard over and over: 58% of American adults own smartphones. Pair that with the fact that digital culture permeates almost every aspect of our lives, and we can already assume the average person spends a lot of time with gadgets.

Apple hides a serious security flaw behind arcane language

Apple revealed on Friday that its mobile operating system has a critical flaw that could allow hackers and government officials to intercept ostensibly secure communications between the company’s smartphones, tablets, and the Web.