Gladwell Entrepreneur Personality Traits – Business Insider

Author Malcolm Gladwell — who’s sold some 4.5 million books — says that entrepreneurs like Steve Jobs and IKEA founder Ingvar Kamprad become so successful thanks to a rare combination of personality traits.

As he said on stage at on Tuesday at the World Business Forum in New York, they are open to experience, conscientious, and disagreeable. Continue

You Might Be an Entrepreneur If You Meet These 3 Conditions

I’m a recent convert to the lean startup movement. But after four years of operating a small startup incubator at a private liberal arts college I’ve learned a lot about creating business models that work and who might become a successful entrepreneur. Continue

Garrett Camp: Building Products People Actually Want to Use

Garrett Camp never launched a photo app or a “me too” social network. There is no movie about him and he’s not fawned over by the tech press. What he has done is create two industry-defining startups that are withstanding whatever the Silicon Valley hype-cycle throws their way, and he’s about to create a bunch more. continue

Understanding Entrepreneurs – The complete idiot’s guide 

“Entrepreneur” is of one the most searched keywords on internet, and many people want to have a good understanding about Entrepreneur—the understanding that helps them figure out if they have the entrepreneurship quality in them or makes them realize what it takes to be an entrepreneur.

7 Sins of Newbie Entrepreneurs 

Most entrepreneurs are familiar with the ridiculously high percentage of small businesses that will fail in the first couple years. The business owners who survived the odds will tell you that they didn’t achieve success on sheer passion alone. It took hard work, and in most situations, it didn’t happen over night.

What Entrepreneurs Can Learn From this Car Repair App 

There are few relationships that require more trust and honesty than that between you and your mechanic. When you move to a new place or buy a new model of car, you need someone you can rely on and whose business practices are ethical. You can ask your friends, or hope the Yelp reviews are honest, but what if you want something more substantial to base your mechanic choice on?

Innovation: Small Businesses Live It, Big Businesses Buy It 

There is a recurring theme in the business world. Large companies are becoming bogged down with processes, are worried of investor confidence and their bloated management system is making it difficult for them to come up with innovative ideas. So what do they do? They gobble up smaller companies.

How To Coach Underperforming Employees 

When employees slow down in their work, your business operations will also slow down as well. We can blame that to a lot of factors, like slow sales cycles or non-delivery of important equipment, but one of the most commonly overlooked (as well as the most damaging) could be as simple as a change in marketing strategies or processes.