“Why Twitter Will Outlast Facebook” di @StoryTellerMN il @LinkedIn

I’m not really one for prognostication, especially where it concerns this frenetic digital world, but in 2011 I made a prediction that raised the eyebrow of a friend and it’s this: Twitter will outlast Facebook. Continue

Apple, Facebook, others defy authorities, increasingly notify users of secret data demands after Snowden revelations

Major U.S. technology companies have largely ended the practice of quietly complying with investigators’ demands for e-mail records and other online data, saying that users have a right to know in advance when their information is targeted for government seizure.

Mark Zuckerberg explains Facebook’s future, from VR to anonymity

No one ever accused Mark Zuckerberg of standing pat.

The Facebook social network has expanded to over 1.2 billion people across the globe, and the company has successfully moved its primary application — “the big blue app” — onto smartphones.

Facebook Is Reportedly Near Approval For E-Money Service In Ireland 

Facebook wants to be more than a social network — it is planning to facilitate financial services in the form of electronic money and remittances, the Financial Times reports (as spotted first by Benedict Evans).

The Best Length for Every Online Content 

Every so often when I’m tweeting or emailing, I’ll think: Should I really be writing so much?

I tend to get carried away. And for the times that I do, it sure would be nice to know if all this extra typing is hurting or helping my cause. I want to stand out on social media, but I want to do it in the right way.

A look at Facebook, Google, Amazon and Apple’s high-tech buying spree:

Facebook Inc. is spending $2 billion to get into virtual reality. In the real world, the deal highlights a high-stakes race among the tech industry’s giants for continued dominance over a rapidly changing digital landscape.

Datagate, Obama incontra i ceo di Google e Facebook 

Il presidente Usa chiama nello studio Ovale i vertici delle aziende hi-tech su “protezione dati e intelligence”. Tra una settimana la pubblicazione del piano di riforma del monitoraggio dei dati chiesto al segretario alla Giustizia Eric Holder

Marketing Technology is All About Content | Social Media Today 

I was doing research on Google Trends and noticed something interesting. The phrase “social media marketing” grew tremendously from 2009 to 2011 and has since leveled off, without future growth in sight. Meanwhile, the phrase “content marketing” has really picked up in the last year and is on a significant upwards trajectory. I realized that these simple graphs told a larger story about today’s marketing landscape.

Shopify Examines Social ROI For Commerce Sites, Finds Facebook Dominates But Reddit Is Growing

Shopify has compiled data from its platform merchants to determine how much value commerce sites get from social media engagement, and put the results into a massive infographic.

Nude Webcams and Diet Drugs: the Facebook Ads Teens Aren’t Supposed to See – WSJ.com 

“Who do you like?” asked recent ads on Facebook, featuring young women in alluring poses.

Some of the ads were configured to reach young teens, who were invited to join an app called Ilikeq that let others rate their attractiveness, comment on their photos and say if they would like to date them.

After 10 Years of Facebook, 10 Things You Should Know About Social Marketing

This past week, Facebook turned 10 years old. While a handful of social networks came before Facebook, and many followed, Facebook was synonymous with social media for quite a while. For some time when people said social media they meant Facebook. Yes, there have always been other active social networks.