Euro Starting to Struggle as Growth Momentum Slips – PMIs This Week 

The Euro was the second worst major performer this past week, losing -0.95% to the top US Dollar, while gaining only against the beleaguered Australian Dollar, by +1.44%. By no means was this severely negative for the Euro, but no longer are the positive fundamental drivers providing the same spark – namely speaking sustained low Italian and Spanish yields and a lack of deflation appearing in regional CPI readings.

Private Investment and the Business Cycle

The following is an update to graphnd analysis that I started posting in 2005.  In 2005 I was bearish on residential investment, and I used these graphs to argue that the then coming housing bust would lead the economy into a recession. 

Why 2014 Could Be The Best Year For Growth Since Bill Clinton Was President

Note: Near the beginning of each year, I find it useful to jot down a few thoughts on how I expect the economy to perform. This isn’t to test my forecasting skills – sometimes I learn more when I miss a forecast (As an example, I’ve spent a