For those inside and outside of Ukraine and Venezuela, social media is the only media that matters 

The value of social-media networks such as Twitter and Facebook becomes even more obvious during crises like the uprisings and anti-government demonstrations in Ukraine and Venezuela, where both have become a lifeline of real-time information for residents and expatriates alike

The Nuts and Bolts of Network Neutrality

A federal appeals court on Tuesday rejected Federal Communications Commission rules that required Internet service providers to treat all traffic equally. The so-called network neutrality rules were championed by Internet companies worried that

Smartphone concept incorporates LiFi sensor for receiving light-based data

The lights are now dimmed throughout the many halls of CES, and none are more perturbed by darkness than the folks at Oledcomm. Illumination is the company’s specialty, after all; or, more specifically, LiFi technology, which facilitates high-speed data transmission via pulsating light sources (though they appear static to the naked eye).