Steve Jobs Sent This Email To A Startup Who Helped Design One Of The First iPad Apps

How do you know whether or not your iOS app is going to be a hit? Getting an email from Steve Jobs is probably a strong indicator.
Ashish Toshniwal, the 31-year-old CEO of app design firm Y Media Labs, told Business Insider about how one of the first iPad apps his startup helped create impressed the late Apple CEO and co-founder. continue

Smartphones: The Silent Killer Of The Web As You Know It

The PC is dying, long live the PC! These headlines have been thrown around for years, as sales of laptops and desktops have continually dwindled downward.

The tablet has long been pinned as the murderer of the traditional computers and it certainly looked like it was going to be the one to do away with them (perhaps in a few years), with the focus of many companies such as Apple and Microsoft shifting towards a tablet-first world. continue

Most office workers aren’t actually using Microsoft Office 

According to a report by John E Dunn for PC World, startup firm SoftWatch has been studying how employees use Office apps and concluded that many businesses can save significant resources by switching from Office to cheaper cloud-based applications.

Sunday Times interviews Jonathan Ive on everything design, Apple, and much more 

The UK’s Sunday Times published a massive, five-page interview interview with Apple SVP of Design Jonathan Ive today that takes a look at the history and future of Apple from the perspective of the man who designed some of the most iconic devices of the past decade.

Accordo Apple-China Mobile: gli iPhone distribuiti agli abbonati

L’operatore asiatico ha oltre 700 milioni di utenti, sette volte il numero di Verizon che è il principale operatore degli Usa. Intanto Microsoft lancia la rincorsa nel segmento dei tablet e secondo le ricerche internazionali ruberà quote all’iPad