How to Manage Talented People by Not Bossing Them Around 

Getting rid of managers may seem like just another tech trend, but much of the skepticism around going “bossless” or flat is due to misleading terminology. We don’t quite have a good vocabulary for it yet — no managers doesn’t mean no management, and flat structure doesn’t mean everyone has equal sway.

Marketing Strategy – How and When to Start Marketing Your Product: Four Steps to Follow 

“How and when should I start marketing?” Many companies and new entrepreneurs can easily get hung up on that question.

Whether it refers to determining the tricky questions of how and when to start marketing your product or service to customers, or figuring out the correct market in which to launch, the following four simple steps I have outlined will help guide the process.

Is 2014 The Perfect Time To Invest In More Staff? 

When is the right or wrong time to invest in staff? There isn’t really a right time to invest in new people but there are plenty of wrong times, especially when your business isn’t financial stable before the new recruits.
Although, one thing is for certain, employing the ‘right’ people is much more important than when you employ them. Your workforce is the foundation of your business, so it is important to invest in people who are going to drive your company in the right direction.