Are You Confusing Strategy with Planning? – Roger Martin – Harvard Business Review 

Most people agree that the two strongest human urges are survival and procreation, but there is very little consensus on the next most powerful. I believe it’s the need to succeed. Humans hate to fail — hate it more than almost anything else.

How To Coach Underperforming Employees 

When employees slow down in their work, your business operations will also slow down as well. We can blame that to a lot of factors, like slow sales cycles or non-delivery of important equipment, but one of the most commonly overlooked (as well as the most damaging) could be as simple as a change in marketing strategies or processes.

British Regulator Warns Two of Potential Libor Charges

The Wells notice appears to be going global.

The Financial Conduct Authority, one of Britain’s financial regulators, made public on Monday warnings to two individuals that it planned to charge them for misconduct related to the rigging of the London Interbank Offered Rate, or Libor.