Smartphones: The Silent Killer Of The Web As You Know It

The PC is dying, long live the PC! These headlines have been thrown around for years, as sales of laptops and desktops have continually dwindled downward.

The tablet has long been pinned as the murderer of the traditional computers and it certainly looked like it was going to be the one to do away with them (perhaps in a few years), with the focus of many companies such as Apple and Microsoft shifting towards a tablet-first world. continue

Most office workers aren’t actually using Microsoft Office 

According to a report by John E Dunn for PC World, startup firm SoftWatch has been studying how employees use Office apps and concluded that many businesses can save significant resources by switching from Office to cheaper cloud-based applications.

Apple’s Siri And Microsoft’s Cortana Trade Insults In This Hilarious Chat Show Sketch [VIDEO] | Redmond Pie 

Siri may have become something of a modern cult figure since its introduction alongside the iPhone 4s back in 2011, but with the big announcement of Windows Phone 8.1 last week, Microsoft also took the wraps off Cortana, its very own Siri alternative. Given the very nature of the mobile market, we know that competition will be fierce, and as per a very funny, mocked-up parade of the respective voice assistants on an American chat show, the blue touchpaper has already been well and truly lit.

Apps Versus Mobile Web – Business Insider 

Since Apple kicked off the modern smartphone app era in 2008 with the App Store, there’s been a debate over what will win in mobile: apps or mobile sites?

Well, smartphone and tablet users have spoken. And it’s not even close. Mobile users spend far more time using apps than they do browsing mobile sites on their devices.

Android Accounted for 97% of All Mobile Malware in 2013 

Back in 2012, Android accounted for 79 percent of all mobile malware. Last year, that number has ballooned even further to 97 percent.

Both those data points come from security firm F-Secure, which today released its 40-page Threat Report for the second half of 2013. Here is how bad the situation has become:

Why Apple ‘computers’ outselling Microsoft may not be fair, but is incredibly important | iMore

Earlier this week analyst Benedict Evanspublished a chart showing how “computers” running Apple software are starting to sell at greater volume than “computers” running Microsoft software. 

First Ubuntu phones coming this year from China’s Meizu and Spain’s Bq | VentureBeat | Mobile | by Devindra Hardawar 

After a failed crowdfunding campaign last year, Ubuntu parent company Canonical is taking a more traditional approach with its first mobile devices.

Canonical announced today that it’s partnering with China-based Meizu and Spain-based Bq to build the first Ubuntu Mobile devices, which will run the “latest hardware” and will be available by the end of the year.

10 Insights on How Top Marketers Use Twitter – Report 

There is one big advantage Twitter has over Facebook. It’s not filtered.
That is both a blessing and a curse. It means you can see every tweet as it streams past from your followers. But it can be overwhelming.
That is why using lists and #hashtags are vital to glean the gems from the garbage on Twitter.

NSA extracting data from mobile app leaks 

The news about the NSA’s reach into our personal devices is becoming more and more harrowing each day. Recently leaked documents from the government agency show that the NSA has been successfully extracting data from our mobile applications for years

The 2014 Mobile Landscape: 25 Statistics That Will Drive The Future of Mobile Marketing [Infographic]

The mobile landscape certainly continues to grow as we head into 2014. More than half of the U.S. population owns a smartphone (57%, according to a Pew study) and Americans are spending an average of two hours per day on their mobile devices.

The Five Mistakes Startups Make When Building for Mobile: 

In 2009, Farhan Thawar joined mobile development firm Xtreme Labs as VP of Engineering. At the time, it handled accounts for some of the biggest brands in the world — a roster including the largest social networks and popular sports organizations.

What Do Facebook Marketers Need to Know in 2014?

Sure, the millennials are opting out of Facebook, but still, the social media giant still isn’t going anywhere. Which is good news for marketers, businesses and individuals wanting to utilize the platform in their marketing mix in the year coming