Fed issues final rules for foreign banks | Business Standard 

Foreign banks with a major presence on Wall Street will no longer be allowed to avoid many of the tougher rules that the United States introduced after the financial crisis to prevent banking failures and bailouts.

British Regulator Hires Former Goldman and UBS Executive 

LONDON – The Financial Conduct Authority of Britain said Friday that it had hired a former managing director atGoldman Sachs and UBS as an adviser in its division that supervises wholesale banking and investment management.

British Regulator Warns Two of Potential Libor Charges

The Wells notice appears to be going global.

The Financial Conduct Authority, one of Britain’s financial regulators, made public on Monday warnings to two individuals that it planned to charge them for misconduct related to the rigging of the London Interbank Offered Rate, or Libor.

Study Puts Price Tag on ‘Too Big to Fail’ 

LONDON – An analysis commissioned by the Green Party in the European Parliament estimates that the cost of the implicit guarantee that governments will back large financial institutions, known as “too big to fail,” was about 234 billion euros in 2012.

WIRED: Financial regulators don’t understand bitcoin well enough to regulate it

New York financial regulators held hearings on bitcoin and other digital currencies this week, and many of the businesses looking to push the digital currency into our everyday lives welcomed them with open arms.