This Is the Future of Retail: Robot Fitting Rooms and AR Mirrors 

Brick and mortar retail businesses are under immense pressure to innovate now that ecommerce has become a normal part of consumer behavior. Thankfully for retailers, technology can be just as disruptive in a physical store as it can be online.

Study Puts Price Tag on ‘Too Big to Fail’ 

LONDON – An analysis commissioned by the Green Party in the European Parliament estimates that the cost of the implicit guarantee that governments will back large financial institutions, known as “too big to fail,” was about 234 billion euros in 2012.

How low can smartphones go? Xiaomi said to be looking to bring $50 smartphone to the market

With the high-end smartphone market becoming increasingly saturated, it seems as if manufacturers are beginning to turn their attention towards a market which arguably deserves the most attention. The low-end market has often been treated to an unfair show, with poor products and even worse user experiences.

To Compete with E-Commerce, Retailers Need to Leverage Mobile

More and more shoppers are finding that online shopping offers greater convenience, lower prices, more information, and a more personalized user experience that makes buying online preferable to going to a store.