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There’s a vast difference between running social media profiles because that’s the de facto expectation of businesses these days and actually building a substantive social following that contributes to your business goals.


The World of Social Media Monitoring And Analytics – infographic ~ Digital Information World 

Are you analyzing social media insights to measure the Return-on-Investment of your marketing efforts?
If leveraged well, social insights can reveal consumer opinion and trends, and can be useful to make future predictions. For businesses and organizations properly utilizing this data, it can be key to success.

How to Spot an Investment Con (So You Don’t Fall for the Next Madoff)

How to Spot an Investment Con (So You Don’t Fall for the Next Madoff) He may be festering in prison for the rest of his life under a 150-year sentence, but Bernie Madoff is still in the news. This week, we learned that JPMorgan Chaseis