Ovum: M2M, le Tlc faranno soldi con i dati più che con le connessioni

In palio 25 miliardi di dollari entro il 2019 per gli operatori mobili. A patto che sappiano puntare sulla raccolta e integrazione dati intorno ai loro clienti, andando oltre la tradizionale gestione della connettività Continue

Twitter Is Having Trouble Adding Users, but Learning to Make Money From Them – Businessweek 

Expectations are everything, and Twitter (TWTR) has the rotten luck of having its expectations set by Facebook (FB), its much-larger cousin atop the social media world. Twitter reported its first-ever quarterly earnings as a company on Wednesday, and by some measures they were quite good.

Twitter vs. Facebook Ad Showdown: Which Offers the Best Social Media Ad Platform?

In social advertising, where is your money better spent—on Twitter, or on Facebook? Facebook allows for some useful targeting, with a variety of expressed and implied interests available as options for targeting its users, and it has worked hard