4 Ways the Best Sales Teams Beat the Market – Daniel Birke, David Sprengel, Jochen Ulrich , and Michael Viertler – Harvard Business Review 

Customers today use an average of six channels during the buying process, and the number of channels available to them is only increasing. Competition for those customers has also increased as margins have tightened.

How to Sell on Facebook [Video] – Jon Loomer Digital 

In the video above, I cover how to sell on Facebook using a simple four step sales funnel: In the video above, I address several features and topics that could use a bit more explanation. Relevant links are below! Thank you for watching!

Decision makers still sceptical about social? Here’s how to sell it to them

I often hear questions from business executives on why they should use and integrate social media marketing for their business. Traditional marketing methods such as radio, television, print, and newspaper advertisements are busy losing momentum