How to Measure the ROI from Your Ongoing SEO Efforts 

Measuring the success of your search engine optimization efforts is important to ascertain whether your time, money and efforts are allocated effectively. SEO is one of the more common methods of driving relevant visitors to your website that convert into paying customers, since they are most likely interested in purchasing your products or services.

Why Google Hates Your Site (and What You Can Do About It) 

Google is the world’s biggest search engine and the world’s most popular. Do you remember Orwell’s ‘Big Brother’? Google is watching for you. As you can imagine, this invites quite a bit of criticism, and since it controls a lot of information there are going to be people or websites that it dislikes and that plain hates. What you do about that is up for debate.

New Social Media Marketing Trends In 2014

It is impressive how social media trends have dramatically progressed over the past few years. Social media marketing is becoming a powerful means of advertising products and services without having to sound like a salesman. What started out as a