Breaking Up with Facebook: Where Are Brands and Young Users Going? 

“We’d love to say ‘It’s not you, it’s us’ but it’s totally you. Not to be rude, but you aren’t the smart, funny social network we fell in love with several years back. You’ve changed. A lot,” wrote delivery service Eat24 in its breakup letter with Facebook.

After 10 Years of Facebook, 10 Things You Should Know About Social Marketing

This past week, Facebook turned 10 years old. While a handful of social networks came before Facebook, and many followed, Facebook was synonymous with social media for quite a while. For some time when people said social media they meant Facebook. Yes, there have always been other active social networks.

How to Measure Social Media Lead Generation by Channel 

Leads are a catalyst to your business. Any customer who might be interested or conducts an inquiry about your product or service becomes a lead. Generating leads gives you access to the wealth of potential customers. It also assists you in retargeting efforts.

An Honest Facebook ‘Lookback Movie’ That Makes Fun Of The Social Network 

Recently, Facebook celebrated its 10th anniversary by letting us make a nostalgic “Lookback Movie”, reminding us of the good times we have cataloged on the social network. However, many people did not like this idea as these short films consisted of cringe-worthy moments and one-upmanship.

Facebook at 10: How it grew from a social network to a social phenomenon

A decade ago, four friends launched a service in their Harvard dorm room. was originally supposed to be just a social network, but what wound up happening over the the course of its history surprisedeven the man who would be the face of the company.

KLM Becomes First Airline To Take Payments Via Twitter 

Today KLM Royal Dutch Airlines announced that its social media followers could pay for tickets and other services via Twitter. It’s not quite the same as using Twitter to accept payments or using a stored credit card on Twitter (like iTunes). However it points toward much more commerce happening on the social site.

It’s official: Facebook now makes more than half its ad money from mobile

Wondering how much cash Zuck and company are raking in from those little ads they keep sticking into the Newsfeed of your Facebook app? A lot. The social network with a much-debated mobile problem is now generating more than half its total ad income from phones and tablets.

7 Things Marketing Wants To Say To IT

Chief marketing officer David Perry knows exactly what he needs from his organization’s IT department. To maximize the success of his marketing strategies, he needs a CIO and a technology team that go beyond conventional support, Perry says — he’s looking for a partner that can help transform marketing. 

BBC Introduces ‘Instafax’, Short-Form News Stories Via Instagram

The BBC is experimenting with distributing short-form news stories via videos on Instagram. ‘ Instafax ’ which debuted on 16 January, condenses complex news stories into brief and easily understood summaries for readers on the go.

Facebook’s Demographics Show Why No Other Social Network Can Match Its Potential For Marketers

Who’s on Facebook? The short answer, of course, is everyone. And that’s why every company and brand needs to seriously consider a major presence on the platform, as well as a Facebook-specific content strategy. But digging into the demographic

After Facebook, This Social Media Network Has the Most Engaged Users. Which is it?

Earlier this week, I cracked open a new Pew Internet and American Life Project survey and found that 63% of Facebook users check in at least once a day. But which network comes in a close second for regular daily check-ins? Is it Pinterest,