Successful salespeople educate and inform

Our ongoing communications revolution has profoundly affected how salespeople achieve success.

Buyers are now in charge!

Referencing blogs, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, Facebook and other Web-based tools, buyers often bypass the traditional selling model altogether – learning for themselves about your products and services, your competitors, and what customers say about you (whether true or not!). continue

Are You Confusing Strategy with Planning? – Roger Martin – Harvard Business Review 

Most people agree that the two strongest human urges are survival and procreation, but there is very little consensus on the next most powerful. I believe it’s the need to succeed. Humans hate to fail — hate it more than almost anything else.

Marketers Need to Think More Like Publishers – Greg Satell – Harvard Business Review 

In 2010, Pepsi pulled its Super Bowl ads and invested $20 million into its Refresh project, which employed crowdsourcing to support good causes. It was an astounding social media success, with more than 87 million votes cast.

Call for more action to combat money laundering 

Money laundering activity remains a threat to Ireland’s reputation as a financial centre and is benefiting criminal gangs, a new report states today.

The report from business advisory group Grant Thornton says that the level of money laundering here is estimated to be at least €3 billion.

Help Your People Develop on the Job 

As much as 90% of learning and development takes place on the job – which makes sense since continuous learning is a key strategy for a sustainable career. In fact, employees’ direct managers are often their most important developers. Help your team members flourish with these tips:

The Crisis In Ukraine Shows Why Strategy Is No Longer A Game Of Chess – Greg Satell 

As the crisis in Ukraine spreads through Crimea—and possibly to Eastern Ukraine as well—it is not conventional measures of power we should be paying attention to. Commentators have expended a lot of ink and pixels on scale — the size of various armies and economies — but are still underplaying the importance of networked power. It’s these connections that really matter.

Marketing Strategy – How and When to Start Marketing Your Product: Four Steps to Follow 

“How and when should I start marketing?” Many companies and new entrepreneurs can easily get hung up on that question.

Whether it refers to determining the tricky questions of how and when to start marketing your product or service to customers, or figuring out the correct market in which to launch, the following four simple steps I have outlined will help guide the process.

Why cybersecurity is a strategic issue – Bain Brief – Bain & Company – Publications 

When you think of the billions of dollars organizations spend to protect their digital assets, it’s amazing that hardly a week goes by without news of a major security breach.

What People Get Wrong About Marketing Campaigns

There has been a lot of debate lately about marketing campaigns. In December, Gartner’s Jake Sorofman suggested concentrated campaigns may not have a place anymore amid the continuous storytelling of today’s content marketing. His colleague, Jennifer Beck, vehemently disagreed.