Elon Musk on the Flawed Premise of Tesla and the False Promise of Fuel Cells | Re/code

Tesla’s Chief Executive Elon Musk didn’t break news during an appearance at the World Energy Innovation Forum on Wednesday, but the outspoken serial entrepreneur delivered a few jabs to rival companies, technologies and business models. continue

Chart o’ the Day: Nasdaq Composite since 1986 | The Reformed Broker

Tesla is adding another few billion dollars to its market cap this morning on news it will sell 35,000 cars this year. Ford, meanwhile, sold 45,000 F-150s in January. Tesla’s $30 billion enterprise value implies their having the entire electric car business to themselves forever. Okay sure

10 Companies Apple Could Acquire Instead of Buying Back All That Stock 

Fourteen billion dollars. For some countries, that exceeds the annual GDP, dwarfing the value of all goods and services produced over the course of an entire year. For Apple, it’s what you spend in two weeks to placate a billionaire investor