Facebook at 10: How it grew from a social network to a social phenomenon

A decade ago, four friends launched a service in their Harvard dorm room. TheFacebook.com was originally supposed to be just a social network, but what wound up happening over the the course of its history surprisedeven the man who would be the face of the company.

It’s official: Facebook now makes more than half its ad money from mobile

Wondering how much cash Zuck and company are raking in from those little ads they keep sticking into the Newsfeed of your Facebook app? A lot. The social network with a much-debated mobile problem is now generating more than half its total ad income from phones and tablets.

For Facebook’s 10th anniversary, imagine your memories without it 

Happy 10th birthday, Facebook. But instead of getting something for the world’s largest online community on the 10th anniversary of its launch, the social media giant is today offering its 1.2 billion users a present — a personalized memory of high points in your life on the site.